Eagle Creek Ranch Vacation Rental Scenes, Including Eagle Fishing, Old Barn with Trinity Alps in the background, Guests with Horses, and Flyfishing at nearby Lewiston Lake
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Activities worthy of building your vacation around them
There are certain activities for which the Trinity area is well-known a plus-destination among outdoor enthusiasts. Our guests frequently build their entire vacation around these activities. In fact, they are often the primary reason upon which our guests choose to come to the Trinity Alps in the first place. Whether you are passionately involved in any of these activities, or simply like to dabble, the Trinity Alps offers some of the top experiences in the West for each.

The Trinity Alps wilderness area is a hiker's Mecca. It is one of the largest and least visited wilderness areas in the state of California. Well over 50 trails lead hikers into spectacular Sierra-like settings featuring granite peaks, step-waterfalls, alpine lakes, dense forest, and wildflowers to rival any in the world. Trails range from the easy stroll into Lake Eleanor to the much more difficult Big Bear Lakes trail, and the challenging Billy's Peak ascent. More...

Eagle Creek Ranch is ideally located for easy access to some of the most desirable bass, trout and salmon water on the West Coast. With the upper Trinity River running right through the middle of the ranch, the northern end of Trinity Lake only 5 miles away, and several of Northern California's and Oregon's best rivers within a reasonable drive, the Ranch is a great place for anglers to use as a fishing destination for our local waters, or even as a hub for more thorough exploration of the region's fisheries by car or plane. More...

Horseback Trips
For the backcountry aficionado who prefers a higher perspective, horseback and "muleback" are wonderful ways to experience many of the local trails. We have acres of fenced, irrigated pasture for our backcountry horsemen (and women) to graze their animals after a day's riding in the high country.

Cross Country Skiing
In the winter, when the snow arrives, so do the cross-country skiers. Miles of trails are only a short drive from the ranch.

Other area activities
Beyond these reason-for-the-trip type activities, there are just a slew of other activities that our guests enjoy while they're here. These include: Swimming, Gold-panning, Wine-tasting, Water-skiing, Snowmobiling, River Rafting, Inner-tube rafting, Bicycling, birding, wildlife-observation, arrowhead hunting, lakeside dining, stone-skipping and more.

More on some of the best in family recreation in the Alps

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