Eagle Creek Ranch Vacation Rental Scenes, Including Eagle Fishing, Old Barn with Trinity Alps in the background, Guests with Horses, and Flyfishing at nearby Lewiston Lake
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The Trinity River runs straight through the ranch.
Fresh from it's origins in the mountains to the north, the river provides a great place to cast a fly, or pan for gold. It's a quick stroll from the guest houses.

Dominating the southern skyline...
... Billy's peak remains snowcapped until early summer. A challenging trail can be ascended to the abandoned fire lookout at the summit.

The Wagon Shed...
...was a stopover on the Oregon Trail in the 19th century. It's registered as a historic site.

Bob and Cousin Patches relax in early fall.
We put the pond in in the summer of 2002. It's a great wildlife magnet, and a nice place to enjoy a late afternoon cocktail.

Again, the old barn and wagon shed...
...but in a much warmer time of year.

Roses accompany herbs and produce...
...in my garden next to the ranch house.

Antique farming equipment...
...can be found hiding in various nooks and crannies around the ranch.

Maples in full color...
...greet visitors entering the ranch from the south on a fall day. The tack shed can be seen in the middle of the grove.

A little later in the fall...
...and taken from a little further back, the same maples can be seen from across the Ripple Creek bridge that marks the south entrance to Eagle Creek Ranch.

...sees the first dampening effects of winter precipitation. The amount of seasonal rain and snow that falls at the ranch varies wildly from year to year.

A Stormy Day
...brings late spring precipitation to the ranch.

The Stoddards...
...owned the ranch for 60 years, beginning in 1878. Several of the family are buried (along with other previous residents) in the Ranch cemetery.

A recent guest showed us this watercolor...
... of the view back toward the ranch buildings from Davis Creek. We've found it on sale at: Heilman Designs.


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