Eagle Creek Ranch Vacation Rental Scenes, Including Eagle Fishing, Old Barn with Trinity Alps in the background, Guests with Horses, and Flyfishing at nearby Lewiston Lake
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The River

Yes, the river really does run through it. Eagle Creek Ranch has a private stretch of river where you can enjoy fishing , gold panning or just plain sitting.

The ranch has never been mined. Panners have found nice nuggets just north (by the bridge) and just south of the ranch, so your likely to at least see a little color. If you ask we may be able to put you in touch with someone who will be willing to give you a lesson. Be careful that you don't trespass on Jimbo's claim just south of the ranch property.
The Pond

Our pond was built in 2002, and is a great place to sit and relax with a glass of wine and soak in the serenity of the surrounding landscape, and watch for wildlife. Only ranch guests have access to the pond.

The Wagon Shed  

The oldest building on the ranch is the wagon shed. The wagon shed was used to house the drivers of the wagons that came over Scott Mountain on the California/Oregon Trail in the 19th century.
The Log House
Adjacent to Gussie's Homestead is the log house (built about 1858).

Read more about the log house on the history page
The Cemetery  

The old Stoddard Cemetery contains the remains of the Stoddard Family who owned this ranch in the late 1800's. There is an iron fence with a brass nameplate on the gate that marks the site. You are welcome to visit this cemetery. Just ask ahead in case there are horses in the pasture. We will make sure that gates are secure.
The Old Orchard
Adjacent to the cemetery is the old orchard. The trees are over 100 years old and contain both pear and apple trees. In the fall, when the fruit is ripe the orchard is a buzz of activity from deer, bear and coyotes-all looking for apples and pears to eat.
The Ditch
While a ditch may not sound terribly exciting, it is if you know about irrigation ditches. Our ditch runs from the river over a mile away all the way to the pond. If you are walking you can see it sitting in the woods all along the road. This ditch was built by Chinese labor in the 1800's and still serves the ranch today. Again, if we are around we will be pleased to share the secrets of the ditch.
The Walk
The road which runs through the ranch is the only road we know of that gets more foot traffic than vehicle traffic. Everyone seems to love to stroll down the road. You will probably meet people from Ripple Creek Cabins and even the two of us, since in the eleven years that we have been lucky enough to live here, we have never tired of "the walk".
The Indians
The Wintu Indians also lived on this land in the past. There are some archeological sites on the ranch, which cannot be disturbed. However, it is interesting to imagine the Wintu still here along the river. While there were no permanent settlements until you reach an area around Trinity Lake this area was used for seasonal hunting.
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