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Eagle Creek Ranch is ideally located for easy access to some of the most desirable bass, trout and salmon water on the West Coast. With the upper Trinity River running right through the middle of the ranch, the northern end of Trinity Lake only 5 miles away, and several of Northern California's and Oregon's best rivers within a reasonable drive, the Ranch is a great place for anglers to use as a fishing destination for our local waters, or even as a hub for more thorough exploration of the region's fisheries by car or plane.

If you're interested in centering your vacation around fishing, or maybe just including it as part of a more relaxation-based holiday, talk to us about putting together an inclusive package that includes expert guides, and/or transportation as part of your stay with us. We are intimately acquainted with the best guides that Northern California and Southern Oregon have to offer, and can arrange fly-outs from our local air strip, as well as incorporate stays at other region lodges.
Distance from the Ranch: 8 minute drive to the north end of the lake. 15 minutes to boat launching facilities.
Highlight Species: Largemouth and smallmouth bass, rainbow and German brown trout, king salmon.
State Records: Smallmouth Bass (recently broken), Brown Bullhead Catfish

Featuring roughly 26 square miles of surface water area, 145 miles of shoreline, and a depth of 465 feet at the dam, Trinity Lake is one of the largest in California. Its location, however, keeps the traffic light, allowing anglers to pursue some of the best bass fishing west of the Mississippi in peace and tranquility. It's not uncommon for your only "competition" for the morning's catch to be a family of osprey and a lone bald eagle. We're happy to recommend some spots and tactics, or arrange for an expert guide to spend the day showing you.

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The Upper Trinity River
Distance from Eagle Creek Ranch: The Upper Trinity River flows right through Eagle Creek Ranch. Put on your waders, and walk to the water!
Highlight Species: Rainbow and brown trout

The upper Trinity river flows straight through the ranch property, allowing for walk-up fishing on private water for Ranch guests.

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The Lower Trinity River
Distance from Eagle Creek Ranch: 1 hour's drive.
Highlight Species: Steelhead, salmon

It's an hour's drive to any of several worthy steelhead and salmon spots on the Lower Trinity. The fly-only section of the river just below Lewiston dam is a great spot for waders. For more extensive exploration, we'll be happy to arrange a float-boat trip with a knowledgeable guide.

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Lewiston Lake
Distance from Eagle Creek Ranch: 1 hour's drive
Highlight Species: Rainbow and brown trout

The spot that originally brought us to Trinity County in the mid-seventies, Lewiston lake is one of the area's best kept secret treasures. Smaller than its bigger cousin, Trinity Lake, Lewiston enjoys fine trout fishing year-round (in season) due to its cold source water flowing out from the Trinity dam, 400 feet below the surface. The state record German Brown trout was caught in Lewiston in the mid-seventies.

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Alpine Lakes and Streams
Distance from Eagle Creek Ranch: Accessible by foot on the many trails which lead into the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area.
Highlight Species: Rainbow, brook and brown trout

Dozens of small alpine lakes and streams throughout the Alps provide picturesque mini-paradises for anglers who enjoy tossing flies (or bait) at pan-sized trout to several pounds in the peace and solitude of the high country. Each requires a hike, some more strenuous than others, but for those willing to make the effort, the payoff is grand.

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Carrville Pond
Distance from Eagle Creek Ranch: 5 minute drive
Highlight Species: Stocked rainbow trout

A 5 minute drive from the ranch, Carrville Pond is a well-stocked private trout pond about an acre in size. A great spot to teach the kids to fish, the pond sometimes surprises by delivering trout up to 10 pounds dropped surrepticiously by the hatchery after their breeding viability has passed.

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Other Water Within 2 Hours of the Ranch
In addition to our local lakes, streams and rivers, several other fishing destinations in Northern California and Southern Oregon are within striking distance by car or flight. Eagle Creek Ranch makes an excellent base camp for a fishing vacation that includes such fishing meccas as Lake Shasta, the Rogue River, the Klamath, and the Sacramento.

Bob has fished the region extensively for over 30 years, including with the best guides available in Northern California and Southern Oregon, and will be happy to arrange for guides and transportation for any of these fisheries during your stay at the Ranch.

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